A New Kind of Normality
A New Kind of Normality

A New Kind of Normality

I always used to ask when people spoke about normal…”what is normal?”

Normal is different things to different people, but nothing we have all gone through over the last 18 months could ever be described as normal!
So, it has been wonderful over the last few weeks to be working and seeing people mask free, hugging and yes…even dancing as restrictions were lifted.
Well…maybe not too much dancing at my nights!

I think it is so easy to take for granted the life we have, and the contact with others we all enjoy and need.

I am now back at most of our ‘regular haunts’ – geez, that was such a bad joke Becs.
I am loving seeing old familiar faces, new people that have only seen me over the internet during the lockdowns, and people brand new to any kind of Spirituality.

As well as getting back ‘out there’ to my regular venues and churches, I have been very fortunate to work in some brand new venues and towns…
Saffron Walden was wonderful last month, the energy electric and the welcome beyond lovely. I was a guest on the PodBarber podcast (which is based in Saffron Walden) a few weeks before the show. Mick and Howie were fantastic and we covered some really deep topics ranging from Mediumship to sacred plant medicine to all things Trans and mental health…

If you fancy a listen:

And then there was Hoddesdon, another new town for me. Most of the audience had never seen me before – I think I was a bit of a shock for a few of them, but it was a fantastic night.

Later this month I am running my first face to face workshop in what seems like forever. I love doing the online Zoom workshops, but there is something special about being with students face to face and then supporting them throughout the day as they explore and grow…I am a very excited bunny.

On a very personal level, I am getting excited at the thought of my Brother being able to come over from the USA in October. We haven’t seen each other in over 2 years, the last time was when our Mum returned home to Spirit and he has had to cancel his trip three times already so, fingers crossed. We have really missed each other…maybe we won’t be playing Monopoly though as that always ends in tears..haha! Can any family play Monopoly without arguing?

Isn’t it strange that so many things we took for granted, like just jumping on an aeroplane and taking off somewhere, or even just going dancing with friends, became something we appreciate so much more now….
Whatever the reason…and I am not going down any political rabbit hole involving covid, or climate change, maybe we can make a new and better definition of normal. One where people and loved ones come first.

Just Becs on a bit of a ramble…xx

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