Sceptics and Non-Believers
Sceptics and Non-Believers

Sceptics and Non-Believers

As a medium one thing I am constantly asked is, “What do you say to convince non-believers or sceptics?”. My role is never to convince anyone. I enjoy a debate, but I am not here to try and make anyone believe anything.

I am on my own personal journey; I can only share my truth and experiences. If I meet someone who is utterly convinced the sum of their existence is some random 37 TRILLION cells that makes up their physical body and that’s all there is, that there is no spiritual and energetic eternity behind that, I guess we have nothing to talk about.

Often I will get the classic line, “You can’t scientifically prove this”. And the answer always is, “You can’t scientifically prove there isn’t”.

But Science is playing catch up. Scientists are constantly investigating human consciousness. I was fortunate to be part of an experiment into human brain waves during altered states of consciousness. Some of the results were amazing.

Science is always having to re-evaluate what it calls facts. My current favourite scientific ‘fact change’ is The Great Sphinx in Egypt. Scientists were convinced and said categorically it was 4,500 years old, many still do.

And then along comes a world-renowned geologist who investigates the side of the walls it was carved out of, and there is indisputable evidence of massive water erosion down the sides. The only problem is the last time there was that amount of precipitation was 11,000 years ago!

All I know is that one of us – the sceptic or me – are in a for a pleasant surprise when we return home.

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