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Re-Creation Readings

A special type of reading given to me from Spirit, to share.

These readings, which I would rather call consultations, work in three parts. They include mediumship – both between your soul and mine, a psychic – intuitive element, and of course healing.

Ultimately, they will be therapeutic in helping you release pain from your past, pain that no longer serves you, or that you no longer need to carry, moving into the future, re-creating something very special.

It is our own psychological mind and emotions – the human thinking – that gets in the way of this moving forward. During the consultation we will connect on that deep spiritual level and help manifest together the healing, releasing of the potential with you and your loved ones that your own soul knows is in there within you.

I call this Soul Therapy. These readings are usually one hour long. These will NOT be for everyone.

Psychic / Intuitive

Sometimes we all need a little help, support and guidance along this journey we call life. These readings are here to help you re-connect with you physical and emotional self, helping you identify your future possibilities and potentials.

These are usually 30 minutes long.

Mediumship Group Nights

If you are looking for an intimate evening surrounded by your friends and family in your own home, then this may be for you…

These nights are full of fun, tears, laughter and obviously bundles of love. Where better to reunite with your loved ones who have passed over to Spirit, than in the comfort of your own home.

I can never guarantee who will come through on the night and I can’t guarantee that everyone will have a reading. These evenings (like my live shows) are lead by Spirit and I have to put my absolute trust in the fact that whoever reunites on the night, is meant to, and it is completely out of my control.

Online Mini Family/Friends Nights

These Online Mediumship Nights are for smaller groups of 3-6 family members or friends.

If you live further away from each other, or you are all looking to reunite with the same person from Spirit, then these more intimate evenings are for you.

Please state when contacting us, whether you will be with family or friends as the two evenings work very differently.

If you are interested in finding out more, then please fill in the contact form below.

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