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About Becs

About Becs

Mediumship is something I was always called to and being a medium is living and fulfilling my life’s purpose. As a young child, all I ever wanted to do was chat to Spirit, but to be honest the desire to be a mermaid was so much stronger!

In my teens I would watch the famous mediums of the day and just dream of doing what they were doing, but I never got anything or anywhere with it, no matter how much I wanted it.

I can remember getting so frustrated as I would watch them on TV. Never for a moment did I ever think that some of them would one day become friends and I would actually get to work and tour with them.

It wasn’t until I went through my own physical and emotion transitions that my own mediumship truly started to unfold. That old saying of “When the student is ready the teacher will appear”, could have been written for me.

I have been blessed with amazing guidance, support and love on my journey into becoming a medium and I have been tutored by the most incredible teachers.

I would like to think I have also developed my own special and unique relationship with Spirit. I am so grateful to take my work out into the world, meeting wonderful people from all walks of life as I share that love and life is eternal.

One of the things I always share is that I am not a Clairvoyant medium – that is I do not see Spirit (Clair meaning clear and voyant meaning seeing). I work by being Clairsentient which means I literally feel them, sense them and then get to know them. From there I can narrate their story and help facilitate that special re-union.

It’s not just the message…it’s the feeling

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