Becs Spiritual Medium


My first CD is called Everyone’s a Medium.

I invite you to explore through gentle guided meditation exercises your very own eternal soul and your relationship to it. We then move onto discovering how effortlessly you can blend with spirit and reunite with your own loved ones.

Becs Spiritual Medium CD - Everyone's A Medium

We start by learning to quiet that chattering and often over-intrusive conscious mind – a silence which is often a challenge to find – but the gentle exercises will guide you to that quiet.

From there our body can release and start to flow into that state of relaxation and surrender. The releasing of physical tension and letting the body just be is in itself, a wonderful experience.

Onwards with the next exercise we find our own eternal soul, blend with it, often for the first time and then we can move onto experiencing our own union with spirit.

We all originate from spirit and we all return to spirit, it’s the circle of life as we know it. With this CD, we go through the process of going ‘home’, even if it is just for a short while.

The CD is now FREE to play and use via my SoundCloud account, click the link below to be taken straight there.

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