The Pain of Grief and Mediumship
The Pain of Grief and Mediumship

The Pain of Grief and Mediumship

Many people will turn to mediums and mediumship in the time of physical and emotional loss of a loved one. Unanswered questions, guilt, emptiness and that dreadful missing of their physical presence are with them constantly.

Nothing, and I do mean nothing a medium may share with you can ever help with that physical missing of a loved one who has returned home to the divine Spirit world.

My own personal situation highlights this perfectly; before my Mum’s transition back home, she lived with my sister for eight years. Their relationship was always wonderful, and they became even closer sharing all their spare time together. My sister was there taking care of Mum right to the time my Dad came to collect her and take her home.

But although my sister knows Mum is around (Mum is often making herself known) she misses that physical closeness, the company and incredible physical bond they had. Nothing shared can take that missing away. Time helps, but the reminder will always be there.

What mediumship can do – and what I as a medium attempt to do – is shift how we grieve. When we know our loved ones are close, that they are no more than a thought away, that they are not the sum of their physical experience and that the body we laid to rest no longer holds them. This can be life changing.

Their eternal being – everything they are and will be – is not in the past but with us, sharing our own physical journey in our present and into our future.

And from there my hope is that people lose the fear of the physical passing, safe in the knowledge that not only is life eternal, but our loved ones will be there with waiting arms for us.

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