My Re-Creation Readings
My Re-Creation Readings

My Re-Creation Readings

Beyond traditional mediumship, I have now started to offer Re-creation Readings.

To be honest, I never used to do many mediumship readings, and I would fit these in every now and then when I felt pulled to do one for someone.

The main focus of my work has always been the live shows at venues across the country, but when the COVID-19 pandemic hit and we went into lockdown, I obviously couldn’t travel to shows anymore.

I started to do my mediumship online via Facebook and as the community grew, I realised there was such a demand for one-to-one readings. People were reaching out to me all the time for guidance and support.

A close friend had already been suggesting to me for a while that I needed to consider doing more one-to-one readings for people, and then one day as I was having a spiritual assessment with my friend and mentor Eamonn, he shared with me that Spirit were taking my readings in a new direction.

This would involve helping people release pain from their past – pain that no longer serves them – moving into the future and re-creating something beautiful. Hence the name ‘Re-Creation’ was then given to me from Spirit to call these readings.

Imagine being able to see yourself the way your own soul does, setting in motion a freedom to live in the now and be part of your own beauty and physical experience.

I am loving doing these consultations. Each one is unique and specific to each person as they get a chance to hear of a new potential, often freeing past attachments and embracing their own spiritual journey.

Sometimes loved ones re-unite and bring their relationship into the present, helping you release pain attachments. But it is ultimately your soul’s chance to give you some gentle healing Soul Therapy and guide you back to the path that calls you.

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